Book Review: Loving Vivienne by Christina George

Title: Loving Vivienne

Author: Christina George

Rating: 3/5


What happens when you fall in love with a man you can never have?

Vivienne has it all, a successful writing career, a hit movie, a life most women dream of. The only thing missing is someone to share it with. So when a handsome, successful doctor saves her from near death, Vivienne is certain she’s finally met the man of her dreams… Until she discovers who he is… or rather who his father is. The man who single-handedly tore apart her brother’s life. Can she put the past behind her? Will she choose family over love? Or will she lose the man she feels destined to be with?


Loving Vivienne is a roller coaster of a romance that features a strong female lead with a haunted past.  The novel follows the “forbidden romance plot”, and while this storyline is commonly used in the romance genre, author Christina George made it her own by creating vivid characters with a tantalizing plot.

I always love a thrilling plot to pair with my romance fetish, so I was so excited when I was sent this novel to review.  Loving Vivienne is a bit of a modern-day Romeo and Juliet story, but the stakes are much higher.  The thrill of this forbidden romance pulled me from page to page, and I enjoyed the vivid plot.  George made sure not to add too much filler to her novel, and I appreciated that.  Strong plots such as that in Loving Vivienne are hard for me to find in many romance novels.

Loving Vivienne follows a successful author, Vivienne, who has everything that she ever wanted except for someone to love.  However, she ends up falling in love with a doctor who saved her life, only to find that he is the son of a man whom she can’t stand.  The novel follows Vivienne as she struggles with her family, her past, and her needs and wants.  Vivienne is a multi-faceted character who I related to on a deep level.  George made sure to bring her characters to life with human flaws, and I appreciated seeing that in a romance novel.  None of her characters were too perfect.

My only critique is that sometimes the descriptions of the scenes and characters were overdone, and I felt myself skipping some sentences.  This detracted from some parts of the story, but I found the plot irresistible nonetheless.

If you are a fan of thrilling, high-speed romances, then Loving Vivienne should be the next book on your to be read list!

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