Indie Project Announcement: Pennywise – The Story of IT

Hello, Everyone!

I am so excited to announce a new project that is taking place on Indigogo!  This project is a documentary called “Pennywise: The Story of IT” and it is a documentary exploring the making of “Stephen King’s IT” and the legacy that it has left.  The documentary also chronicles Tim Curry and celebrates him as an actor.


Now, if you can’t tell already, I am a HUGE fan of Tim Curry and Pennywise.  Pennywise is my favorite horror villain of all time, and I was so excited when I saw that this documentary was being created!  However, the funding for the film relies on donations from Indigogo, and preorders are available on the DVD, Blu-ray, and accessories such as T-shirts and pins.  Even though the campaign did meet their monetary needs, there are a few DVDs and Blu-rays left to be picked up!  However, most of the items are already sold out.

If you are a huge fan of “Stephen King’s It” like I am, then this documentary is a must have!  It is also a great indie project to support, and that is something I am very passionate about.

There are only 3 hours left until the campaign ends, so make sure you get your orders in now!


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