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We do not charge for my reviews; however, we do accept tips.  Please consider leaving us a small tip if you enjoy our reviews and articles.  Your kind donations allow us to continue providing our reviews and blog posts for free.  Thank you for helping these small artists!

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Reviewer Ashley Nestler, MSW


I am very passionate about indie publishing and I love to read and review books in the following genres – horror, science fiction, fantasy, young adult, LGBTQIA+, and romance.  However, I do accept review requests in all genres and from all publishers. Each request will be considered on a case by case basis.

For all review requests, please email your book information to me at peachykeenreviews@gmail.com

I also work one on one with authors to help them with writing techniques, formatting, editing, etc.  Just send me an email if there is anything specific you would like my help with! (These are paid services – ask me about pricing)

I will review your novel for you if you supply me with the book.

I am also a mental health specialist and bibliotherapist, and I now bring my services to Peachy Keen.  While this website will focus on reviews, I will also be sharing articles discussing the healing power of literature.

IMPORTANT: I ONLY accept .mobi ebooks or physical copies of books; HOWEVER, I review physical copies before I review ebooks.  This is only fair to those authors who go to the trouble to purchase and pay to send their book(s) to me.  Please take that into consideration and understand that if you send me an ebook the wait time will be longer.  Thank you for your understanding.

*I am a professional book reviewer with BookSirens and NetGalley.

Box/Product Review Information

I love reviewing subscription boxes and products in various niches, but I mainly focus on mental health and book-related products and subscriptions.  All of my reviews are honest and come with an in-depth description of each item reviewed, as well as detailed photos.  In special cases, I do provide video reviews of boxes and products.  As a previous business owner of a book subscription company (Literary Vacation Club), I use my unique perspective to review boxes and products based on the time and effort that goes into making them.

If you would like your box or product reviewed, please email: peachykeenreviews@gmail.com

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Reviewer Rebecca Belen Levine

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