When Leaves Fall by C.A. King

Title: When Leaves Fall

Author: C.A. King

Rating: 5/5


When Leaves Fall A Different Point of View Story Ralph wakes up to what others only experience in a nightmare. Chained to a shed, he has no idea where he is, or who his captor is. His memories are blurred at best. As the days press on, he finds himself experiencing a roller coaster of feelings. Hunger, thirst and pain become his only companions. Flashbacks of a happier time are all he has to keep him going. As his situation deteriorates, he finds himself doubting he ever had the very thing he wants most – a family. When Leaves Fall is a dramatic thriller with a twist. Keep the tissue box close for the ending.


Oh my, When Leaves Fall should come with a trigger warning label.  This book has broken by heart but in the best possible way.  It has been a very long time since I have given a book a 5-star rating, and this book more than deserves the honor.

I have grown quite fond of C.A. King’s fantasy series, The Portal Prophecies, but I was surprised to find that she has left the fantasy genre to write this short point of view story.  The story is written in the third person, but it allows for the reader to feel as though they are in the shoes of the main character.  King also doesn’t name the setting of the novel or who the main character is.  All she does is acknowledge that the main character is a prisoner looking for an escape, and she describes the cruel events that the main character goes through.  Her details aren’t unnecessary, and they hit the reader in all of the right ways.

“There was an unnatural feeling in the pit of his stomach that screamed that the place was all wrong.  He didn’t belong there – no one did.”

Now, it is hard to review this short novel without giving away the surprise ending.  But I will say that I am amazed that King has decided to take on a perspective that is quite neglected in literature.  King’s novel presents a thrilling, realistic view of the dark side of humanity and how many humans treat animals.  She doesn’t shy away from the horrors that are present in our world, and even though this novel is short, it impacted me in a bigger way than many long novels too.  King knows how to pack an emotional punch with her writing, and I applaud authors who can impact the reader within a matter of pages.  King’s talent is remarkable, and I guarantee that you will be changed by When Leaves Fall.  You won’t find this style of writing in any other form of literature.



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