The Portal Prophecies: A Halloween’s Curse by C.A. King

Title: The Portal Prophecies: A Halloween’s Curse

Author: C.A. King

Rating: 4/5


Why do prophecies have to speak in riddles? Willow’s destiny led her to a whole book of them. If that wasn’t bad enough a gypsy witch shows up and utters words that made even less sense. Was it a curse or another prediction? With Mike still missing, and Halloween approaching quickly Willow will need all of her friends to help connect the events of the past with the present or there may not be a future. King Cornelius’ plan to dominate every realm is woven into the mystery that surrounds every corner they turn. Following the clues will lead them on a journey through the spookiest time of the year.


C.A. King has a magnificent imagination.  The world that she has created is a universe of its own.  I love how King’s novels revolve around a set of prophecies that guide the characters and unfold mysteries, and I couldn’t put this novel down.  There is a big difference in King’s writing style from the first novel in The Portal Prophecies series and this sequel.  King has grown artistically, and this novel is my favorite of hers yet.

Many authors who write long series such as King often fall into the trap of the cliffhanger.  I find that many books in a series end up relying on the cliffhanger to influence readers to continue the series, but King does not do that.  She writes each novel as though it is her only one, and I loved how well she developed her characters in A Halloween’s Curse.  Each sentence of King’s has a poetic tilt to it, and I enjoyed watching her world build up around me as I read.

“She looked up and nodded her head in agreement. resolve exploding from her eyes.”

Willow has become one of my favorite characters, and I enjoyed the incorporation of Halloween into this novel.  It helped to blend fantasy with mythology while blending King’s ideas with ancient ones.  Reading A Halloween’s Curse felt like a race for time, and I am eager to pick up the third book in the series.

King has brought an inventive new fantasy series to the table, and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here!



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