Literary Vacation Club – The Weekender Package

Hello, Everyone!

Did you know that we offer a cheaper version of our “The Holiday” box through Literary Vacation Club?  “The Weekender” is our second box option and it is only $14.99 + shipping instead of $29.99 + shipping (which is “The Holiday”‘s price)!

“The Weekender” includes 1 book + 1 – 3 accessories based on a different destination each month!  It includes the same book as our “The Holiday” box, just with fewer accessories.

Example Box (Victorian Themed):

– Davenport House by Marie Silk

– Davenport House Art Print

– Tea Party Scent Pack from Adventure Scents

– Cameo Pin

“The Weekender” is available as a subscription or single boxes in our shop!

May’s destination is “The Happiest Place on Earth” and you won’t want to miss this Disney themed box!

May Theme

Use Code “DISNEY10” for 10% off!



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