Let This Expertly Written Literary Fiction Take You Away

Book Review of Bombora by Paul Drewitt

Rating: 5/5

Quick Take

Bombora by Paul Drewitt is a lyrical coming of age tale that worms its way into the reader’s heart. Drewitt’s imagery was vivid and tantalizing, and it completely swept me away.

Tell Me More

Bombora follows sixteen-year-old Andy, a young boy as he comes of age, and the adventures that he finds himself exploring. Andy finds himself becoming friends with Mick, his older brother’s friend, which leads him on an excursion through underwater tunnels. Andy soon finds himself meeting new people and exploring his sexuality as he enters adulthood, while highlighting his insecurities and exploring who he is becoming as an adult.

Paul Drewitt’s writing is lyrical and enchanting. I found myself becoming engrossed in Andy’s world and reminiscing about my own adolescence and the awkwardness of leaving childhood behind and becoming an adult. Andy is a likeable character who reminds me of my own adolescence and the awkwardness that is difficult to manage as I continue to mature. Drewitt captures the beauty of adolescence while drawing the reader into the insecurities of childhood and how complicated it is to leave childhood behind.

Upon starting Bombora, I found myself attached to the beautiful, lyrical writing as it reminded me of my own childhood and the discomfort that comes along with adolescence. Drewitt did well to reveal the raw and uncomfortable adolescence that many of us experience, without glamorizing the journey into adulthood. At times Bombora was difficult to read because it was so raw and uncomfortable to remember just how difficult the journey into adulthood can be.

Literary fiction is one of those genres that is essential for book readers to explore as it highlights the truth and discomfort of growing and evolving. Drewitt is an essential new voice in literary fiction because he highlights the discomfort of the human experience, while shedding light on the beauty of growing and evolving.

Bombora is one of those rare novels that comes once every blue moon and takes the reader by storm. While reading this novel I felt like I was an adolescent again, exploring the awkwardness of growing up, in the most beautiful way. Drewitt’s writing is magical and creates a one-of-a-kind reading experience. Upon finishing the novel, I feel deeply connected to Andy and his exploration of growing up, while feeling reminiscent of my own journey into adolescence. Drewitt’s writing is gorgeous and complicated, and it captures the reader into its clutches while refusing to let go. Lovers of literary fiction will find a new favorite author in Drewitt, and I look forward to seeing where Drewitt takes his writing next. He has found a dedicated new reader of his work in myself.

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