Snag This Swoon-Worthy Read for One Hell of an Erotic Ride

Rating: 4/5


Dorian Benson is a young artist whose life changes when he discovers something epic about the paternity of his daughter. He goes through self-growth as a father, a friend, a brother, a son, and a lover when he discovers that life takes more than just being present. His protected heart must break for him to fully recognize that fearing love may be preventing him from feeling and experiencing it.

Quick Take

July in September is a delectable treat that will have readers swooning for days to come.

Tell Me More

                I am not a regular reader of romance or erotica, but I do like to dabble in the genre from time to time.  July in September caught my eye because it looked like it had an intriguing storyline with well-developed characters and plot.  Upon finishing the novel, I was not let down.  I am proud to say that I found that while the novel has extreme erotic content, it is not the central focus of the story, and it complimented the plot and characters well. 

                Felicia Nixon’s novel follows Dorian Benson, a man who sets out on a journey and finds himself as a father, a friend, a son, a brother, and a lover, which challenges his view on love and romance.  Having found that keeping himself away from love has done more harm to him than good, Dorian allows himself to be vulnerable and put his guard down.  Doing so aids in the evolution of his character and made me fall in love with him.

                One of my favorite aspects of Nixon’s writing is that she presented the reader with vivid descriptions which brought her characters to life.  I found myself soon becoming attached to Dorian and his depth, while also swooning at the erotic content.  Nixon has a way of presenting erotic content that becomes more poetic and slips into the story effortlessly.  While I do not recommend this novel to readers who are not invested in erotic romance, I do think that those who don’t mind erotic content and love romances will be pleased with July in September.  Nixon writes like a modern Jane Austen, and her characters are sure to ring well with lovers of the classics.

                If you are looking for a steamy romance with an excellent plot and well-developed characters, you will find what you are looking for in July in September.  Be prepared for a swoon-worthy erotic ride peppered with life lessons and intriguing reflections.  I highly recommend this novel to those in the erotic romance community.  You are sure to find a treasure in author Felicia Nixon. 

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