Get Prepped for Spooky Season with This Chilling Read

I am always on the hunt for my next horror read, and upon reading the synopsis for Ambush Dawn, I knew I was in for a treat.  My favorite horror reads are those in which extraordinary events occur in ordinary circumstances to ordinary people.  Upon reading the first page of Ambush Dawn, I became connected to the first character to be introduced, and my heart was broken only a few short paragraphs later.  It has been a long time since an author has been able to affect me in such a way, and I knew that I was dedicated to Ambush Dawn for the long haul. 

Ambush Dawn follows a team of firefighters who enter a mine and are confronted with an army of the dead.  They were only going in for a routine exercise but find themselves in the middle of a horrific battle deep within the mine.  Soon they find that their only hope is in that of a local police officer, and their lives have been changed forever. 

RK Hazelett’s writing is immediately compelling, and each word is essential to the story.  Sometimes I find that substantial portions of novels feel like filler, but this was not the case with Ambush Dawn.  I found myself gobbling up word after word, as though I could not read the story fast enough.  Each character is so well presented and developed that they just about become ingrained within your mind.  The horror aspects of the story were also so subtle that they interwove together to instill a deep sense of fear and dread within me.  I felt a building sense of dread as I continued reading, and this feeling has stayed with me long after I finished the novel. 

Unfortunately, there were some grammar and editing errors that detracted from the story in various areas.  I gave Ambush Dawn a 4/5 rather than a 5/5 due to these errors, but I did rather enjoy the novel despite the errors.  It is just something to note if this is an issue for other readers. 

Hazelett is a clear and talented author who deeply understands the horror genre.  Ambush Dawn will stick with me for quite a long time, and I will surely recommend it to other horror lovers.  If you are seeking a scare, then look no further.  Horror lovers across the literary world are surely in for a spook.

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