This Feminist Science Fiction Treasure Will Change Your Life


She had to travel beyond the planet to discover her true self. Will she find the courage to walk through the doorway to a new future?

Shambhala Space Station, 2097. Solitary physicist Callisto (physics, after all, is a jealous mistress) never accepted conventional wisdom. So when she’s recruited to work on faster-than-light technology by a beautiful and mysterious older woman, she eagerly accepts the career opportunity at the women-only research station orbiting Earth’s moon. But her enthusiasm suffers when her first discovery is unexpected heartbreak.

Throwing herself into work on a problematic warp drive prototype, Calli blossoms in the utopian female community that shows her love and acceptance for the first time in her life. But when a twisted conspiracy, a disingenuous affair, and a disastrous betrayal test her place in this unique environment, the brilliant scientist must dig deep to find her moment of truth.Will Calli embrace her destiny in an unexplored cosmos?

Callisto 2.0 is the transformative first book in the Shambhala Saga feminist science fiction series. If you like compassionate characters, deep-space intrigue, and hopeful visions of the future, then you’ll adore Susan English’s cosmic adventure.

Rating: 5/5

Quick Take

                Callisto 2.0 is a groundbreaking science fiction novel that is loaded with the empowering spirit of feminism and a STEM based storyline.  It is the first science fiction novel I have read that has captured my heart in such a way that I may be ruined for other science fiction novels forever.

Tell Me More

Callisto 2.0 by Susan English is a transformative science fiction novel that brings both feminist and STEM elements, while also presenting a beautiful cast of characters that become alive in the reader’s mind.  The story follows Callisto, a solitary physicist who is recruited to work at a women-only research station.  While this becomes an excellent opportunity for Callisto, she finds herself facing heartbreak, which causes her to throw herself into her work.  Callisto finds solace in this unique environment as she experiences love and acceptance she has never felt before, but she is also faced with numerous challenges that force her to evolve not only in her position as a physicist, but as a person as well.

                Susan English’s writing is crystal clear and drags the reader further into the story with each word.  While I find that science fiction can often become difficult to get into because of the complex world building that the reader has to become committed to, this was not the way with Callisto 2.0.  English’s world building is flawless and original, and her protagonist – Callisto – is an excellent guide.  As someone not as familiar with physics, I found the story easy to understand, while also broadening my perspective.  I am huge advocate for feminism and women centered stories, and I found English’s stance to be inspirational rather than politically focused as many women centered stories tend to be.  I found myself empathizing with each character and evolving along with Callisto as she experiences numerous trials and heartbreaks that leaves her reeling. 

                When I read science fiction novels, I find that I often have numerous critiques on how the author’s world and character building can be more effective, but with English, I devoured her story and characters without a single thought of a critique.  Callisto 2.0 is the feminist science fiction novel of my dreams, and it is one that I will be reading again and again.

                If you are a fan of science fiction, you will be delighted with the elegant world building and complex characters that Susan English has created.  Even if you are not a fan of science fiction, I suggest giving this novel a try as it is impeccable and easy to understand, so much so that it feels like being in a dream.  I am afraid of reading any more science fiction novels after reading this one because I fear that no other novel will compare to its beauty.  Give Callisto 2.0 a try, no matter your literary tastes.  You will not be disappointed.    

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