Book Review: Boundless by Christen Stovall

Format: Paperback

Rating: 5/5

Quick Take

Boundless is one of those rare finales that is written so beautifully that it stays with you forever. Christen Stovall’s Song of Souls Trilogy is officially one of my favorite fantasy series I have ever read.”

Tell Me More

I have long been following Christen Stovall’s writing, as her stories have really resonated with me. Stovall’s Song of Souls Trilogy is a beautiful ode to the memory of her husband, and it is because of this that I believe her writing is so powerful. Each word she pens is a piece of her soul, and I savored every second of this trilogy.

Nevertheless, I was wary going into reading Boundless because the final book in a series is often hit or miss – and sometimes my emotional heart can’t take the end of a series I’ve loved so much. Well, let me tell you, Boundless is one of the best trilogy endings I have read due to Stovall’s gorgeous writing and how well she wrapped up the characters and the story, all the while oozing suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat. I tend to judge books by how well they help me escape and based on that criterion alone, Boundless deserves much more than five stars on my rating scale.

Boundless follows our protagonist Aislynn as she experiences Venallis and how it is now under siege, while Rosehaven has been taken by Queen Vesspial and the netherworld. Amidst the chaos, Aislynn is more intimately at war with herself due to her devotion to her Soulmate and her conflicting feelings for Ciaran. The novel follows the war between lands as Aislynn is forced to make choices that she never anticipated in order to defeat Elize and protect those around her.

As is true with her other books, Stovall’s finale to her trilogy is long enough to build the plot, evolve its characters, and retreat into an ending that will have readers in tears.

That being said, I can’t recommend the Song of Souls Trilogy enough, especially now that Boundless has been released and the series is complete. Stovall put her heart and soul into this ending, and you will be completely absorbed in her world. Do pick up Boundless, and if you haven’t yet started the trilogy, please add it to your to-be-read list! You will thank me later.

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