Book Review: A Homeless Heart by Caren Cross and Jerremiah Stonecastle

Rating: 3/5 (Worth Reading)


A homeless man is brought into the E.R. in a coma from being nearly beaten to death. Dr. Katherine Lehmann, a brilliant surgeon works tirelessly to save his life. Weeks later when he opens his eyes, a fire is started in her heart that was killed during a bitter divorce. Now she must figure out how to introduce her new love to high society, but she must first get past her bigoted father, hanging Judge Daniel Lehmann.


A Homeless Heart is a romance novel by Caren Cross, and eclectic author,  Jerrimiah Stonecastle. Having read Stonecastle’s horror work before, I wasn’t sure what to expect when trying out the romantic side of his art; however, I was pleasantly surprised by his pleasurable dialogue and his strong female heroine.

Dr. Katherine Lehmann is a talented surgeon who saves the life of a severely injured man with whom she falls in love. Following a bad divorce, Dr. Lehmann’s heart was closed off, but she reopens herself to love in the weeks following the surgery when the man finally opens his eyes. I found this storyline to be classic, but with a twist, and I enjoyed Stonecastle’s take on class differences and prejudice when it comes to matters of the heart.

My only quip with A Homeless Heart was that the writing seemed choppy at times, and I found myself having to push through in some areas. However, I enjoyed the unique, yet classic storyline and the way that Stonecastle developed his characters and urged them to grow with one another as the story continued.

If you are a romance fanatic, then you are going to adore A Homeless Heart. It provides the reader with all of the classic elements of romance while presenting a dominant heroine who you can’t help but root for. This romance novel and its characters are not to be missed!

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