REVIEW: Scentsy Satin Black Warmer + Black Raspberry Vanilla Wax

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

I hope you are having a great day. I am excited to share with you today my review of the Scentsy Classic Satin Black Warmer and Black Raspberry Vanilla Wax bar. In my previous post I discussed how I am collaborating with Scentsy to bring you exclusive bibliotherapy (book therapy) packages that include the healing power of their fragrances! In preparation for this I am testing their various products to include in my bibliotherapy services, and I am excited to share my review with you.

The Classic Satin Black Warmer is one of our original and lower end warmers, but it is gorgeous and I highly recommend it for you if you are planning on purchasing any of my bibliotherapy packages. It provides the coziest reading environment, and it will be excellent to melt your wax bars in!

I hope you enjoy!

Much love,


To start, I enjoyed the durable packaging that my Classic Satin Black Warmer came in, as well as it’s simplistic design. I was impressed with the small business feel it presented as well as its artistic notes.

Upon opening the box I was met with this adorable quote from one of Scentsy’s creators, Heidi. It really helped to set the mood and make the unboxing feel personal and handmade. I am always impressed with the small details that are included in Scentsy products because of how personal they make the products feel.

The warmer itself was much larger than I originally anticipated, and it is heavy! I was very impressed with how well made it was and I adore the little lights that make heart reflections when the warmer is turned on. After leaving the warmer on for less than fifteen minutes my entire room was filled with fragrance, and it created such a relaxing, reading atmosphere. I am completely addicted to having it on at all times!

The first bar that I tried from Scentsy was their Black Raspberry Vanilla bar. Its fragrance is soft and fruity with a hint of warmth. I love how cozy it makes my reading space, almost like the smell of something baking in the oven.

The bar itself is split up into different cubes, and you can break off however many cubes you want to warm while saving the rest. This makes the bar last a lot longer as two to three cubes is more than enough to melt at one time.


These items are only a small selection of what we have to offer, but as I said, the Classic Satin Black Warmer is the perfect starter warmer for you if you are interested in my bibliotherapy packages. All of my bibliotherapy packages will come with their own wax bar, so you will be able to melt and enjoy all of them with this warmer as you read. The Black Raspberry Vanilla bar is also a great starter bar because its scent is soft and simple. I hope you enjoyed my review, and be sure to check out my website to explore all we have to offer!

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