Book Review: The Billionaire’s Secret by Ravina Hilliard

The Billionaire's Secret by [Ravina Hilliard]

Serena Aisling has made it to the top as a high-powered executive all on her own merit. No thanks to her millionaire father who’d abandoned her at birth to be raised single-handedly by her mother. She has come a long way, so she’ll be damned if she allows him to have a hand in her career by dangling the CEO position of the Mäkelä Group in her face.

When Serena’s company coincidentally assigns her to spearhead a revolutionizing project run by the same corporation, she ends up working alongside the innovator himself—tech guru, Matias Mäkelä. The savvy, self-made millionaire is moody, ill-tempered, arrogant, and a giant thorn in her side, yet she can’t deny that he’s irresistibly handsome and stunningly

A malicious traitor very close to Matias is divulging company secrets, and they must work together to uncover and shut them down before it’s too late.
When Serena uncovers the culprit, fearing Matias will not believe her, she keeps the discovery to herself and acts on her own, landing herself in hot waters with Matias. Waters so hot and flaming that she ends up tangled in his sheets, intoxicated with a desire that threatens to engulf her in an uncontrollable fireball of ecstatic delights.

As untold discoveries, secrets, and schemes unravel, Serena and Matias find themselves on a wild and unending tide of colliding together before being ripped apart again.

Will their feelings for each other be enough to survive the diabolical intrigue that threatens their very lives? Or will they crash and burn?



Quick Take

The Billionaire’s Secret is a high stakes, intense romance that provides the reader with lust, intrigue, and one powerful heroine. You won’t be able to put this one down!

Tell Me More

The Billionaire’s Secret is an intriguing suspense romance that follows power woman Serena Aisling as she is forced to team up with Matias Mäkelä, the tech guru of a company that her corporation has chosen to team up with on a new project. As often happens, Serena isn’t fond of Matias to begin with due to his arrogant attitude; but she soon finds herself attracted to him. As the stakes get higher and Serena works with Matias to shut down a traitor who is divulging company secrets, sparks fly and Serena finds herself in a hot and steamy relationship with a man she once despised.

One thing that I loved about The Billionaire’s Secret is that while it included hot and steamy romance, the intrigue and suspense kept me turning the pages. Ravina Hilliard created a multi-faceted story with complex characters while providing the reader with erotic moments that were drool worthy. I found myself becoming invested in each of the characters, and they soon consumed my thoughts. Hilliard has the ability to construct realistic characters that come alive with each word that she writes, and that is a talent not all authors possess. Reading Hilliard’s work is a delight, and she has become one of my new favorite romance authors.

However, some readers might consider Hilliard’s work to be up and down regarding the relationship between Serena and Matias. While they do have their ups and downs – sometimes they hate each other, sometimes they are all over each other – I found that their ups and downs created sexual tension that added to the erotic moments of the story.

If you are looking for a romance full of suspense and intrigue, look no further than The Billionaire’s Secret. Ravina Hilliard is a master storyteller, and she knows how to incorporate lust with suspense and adventure in the most beautiful way. You are in for a treat.




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