Subscription Review: The Body Love Box – March 2020

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

I am super excited to share with you a subscription box that I am just IN LOVE with!  This box is called The Body Love Box and it is all about body positivity and size inclusivity.  I am a huge advocate for body inclusivity and fighting weight stigma, so I found this box to be an extremely important step in the right direction.

I received the March 2020 box to review, so please enjoy reading about my experience below!

Much love,


The Body Love Box is the friendly, fat-positive, body-positive, intersectional and LGBTQIAP+-affirming monthly subscription box that improves your body image and pays a living wage to marginalized artists who contribute their work to the box. Your monthly goodie and resource kit includes 5-7 full-size items each month like pins, zines, etc.
  • Improve your body image and learn more about body acceptance and liberation
  • Get exclusive Body Love Box-only artwork and products
  • Support a living wage for fat and marginalized artists with every box
  • Explore Health at Every Size and intuitive eating
  • 5-7 full-size items each month

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The Body Love Box comes in a lovely eco-friendly box with a sticker of the logo on the top.  I don’t think that I can fully express how much I adore the logo! ❤  I also really appreciate the eco-friendly nature of this subscription.  With all of the waste present in our world, every earth-friendly effort is needed.


Upon opening the box, I was met with a card that featured this beautiful quote.  I thought that the quote set a great first impression, and it immediately filled me with happiness!


On the opposite side of the card was this month’s theme along with a list of everything included in the box.  March’s theme was “Sleep is Self Care”, which I found to be a really beneficial topic.  I think that we are often told that we are lazy if we allow ourselves to “sleep too much”, but sleep IS such an important aspect of our self-care.


After folding back the tissue paper, I was met with beautiful packaging and the first item in the box – a satin pillowcase!  I adore how luxurious this pillowcase is, and I have already slept with it on my pillow.  It definitely makes me feel like I’m spoiling myself!


The next item was this unscented heating/cooling pad!  I love the handmade care that has gone into this item, and I have already used it.  It has helped so much with my menstrual cramps.


Also included was this bookmark with a quote that I absolutely love.  I appreciate all of the body-positive quotes that are present throughout this box.


This month’s featured artist was Shelby Bergen!  An art print of her work titled “Sleepy Fats” was included, as well as an exclusive interview.  I think that this art print is absolutely adorable, and I loved getting to know more about Shelby.


This set of zen coloring pages and rainbow pencils was also included, and I loved how some of the coloring pages were stickers!  Coloring is one of my favorite activities and I thought that this coloring set went so well with a cozy, sleep themed box.


Journaling is such an important part of self-care, and I love how an exclusive journal prompt is included in this box that relates back to self- and body-love.  This added to the self-care element of the box, and I appreciated the included activity about re-creating the Mona Lisa with yourself!  Lindley (the box’s owner) puts so much thought and care into her box, and the whole unboxing experience feels so intimate.


Also included in the box was this card highlighting why obtaining a weight during any circumstance is so unimportant and potentially harmful.  This card really highlights the Health at Every Size approach, and I love how I can keep this in my wallet and show it to any medical professional that wants to check my weight.  Weight shaming in the medical system is absolutely awful, and I really appreciate having this as a resource!



Lastly, I really appreciated how this box came with information on PCOS (a condition that I am actually currently being tested for!) and a sheet with things to ask yourself before giving up.  I struggle with depression, and I am currently struggling with a major depressive episode, so I found this sheet to be very helpful.  Connecting weight stigma and discrimination to physical and mental health is so important because they are all connected.  I applaud The Body Love Box for highlighting this connection!


Overall, I can’t recommend The Body Love Box enough!  I adore how it helps support artists by providing them with a living wage, while also helping to increase body positivity and providing information on issues that affect plus-size women.  Lindley puts so much thought and care into her box, and it really shows.  I feel like this subscription is a true hug in a box, and it is a perfect addition to your self-care routine.

Use Code “FATISFINE” for 10% Off of your First Box!

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