Book Review: An Amish Love Reclaimed by Elizabeth Zook

Rating: 4/5

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Giselle M. Chatelain

Quick Take

An Amish Love Reclaimed is a heartwarming tale of rekindled romance and how hope persists through the trials of marriage.

Tell Me More

Amish romances are my guilty pleasure, and I was thrilled to receive the audiobook of An Amish Love Reclaimed for review.  The story follows an Amish couple who have lost the romance in their marriage and are trying to reconnect and rediscover the passion that brought them together.  Elizabeth Zook writes with empathy and knowledge of love and the work that it takes to keep love alive in a marriage.  I found her story to be heartwarming and well-executed, and it found its way straight to my heart.

Unfortunately, since I am reviewing the audiobook of An Amish Love Reclaimed, I must address the narrative element.  Giselle M. Chatelain narrates the novel, and I found myself distracted more often than not due to her melodramatic way of speaking.  Her performance was just that, a performance, and she didn’t do Zook’s story justice by failing to capture the tone of each character’s voice and part in the story.  I had to force myself to continue listening due to my distaste with the narrator, but I was dedicated to finishing the audiobook because of my honest enjoyment of the story.

An Amish Love Reclaimed is a lovely inspirational romance that is sure to touch any romance lover’s heart.  However, I would suggest picking up the Kindle book rather than the audiobook for optimal enjoyment.


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