Book Review: Soulfire by Christen Stovall


Rating: 5/5

To the Point

Soulfire is a cleverly crafted fantasy-romance filled with raw emotion and groundbreaking world-building.  Christen Stovall takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster in a world that leaps off of the pages.

Give Me More

Soulfire is the second book in Christen Stovall’s Song of Souls trilogy.  The novel follows Aislynn, the story’s heroine and fierce female lead – as well as her soulmate, Rorin, and love interest, Ciaran.  But it is so much more than that.  Rorin is deceased and is present as a ghost with newfound abilities, but when he is amongst the living only Aislynn can see him.  Stovall challenges life and death by creating a world for the living, as well as a world for the dead, and crosses both by giving Aislynn and Rorin the ability to communicate due to their bond as soulmates. Their bond is tested when Aislynn forms an attraction to and feelings for Ciaran – the king – who is part of the living, and Rorin begins to realize that Aislynn does still have human needs that he cannot provide.  However, Rorin is the only one who knows of Aislynn’s reoccurring nightmares and her increased ability to hear voices.  He is also harboring his own secret connected to his abilities, which presents itself as a game-changer.

What I love about Stovall’s writing is that her world and ideas are complex, but she feeds them to the reader in a way that is easy to understand.  Her words sweep the reader off of their feet and transports them into the story.  Her characters leaped off the page, and I felt the distress and love the characters experienced as I read along – which was almost painful.  The beauty of Soulfire is that you don’t necessarily need to have read Soulbound before venturing into the novel as Stovall keeps the reader up to date and forms an action-packed story of its own.

Stovall is a master fantasy author who incorporates romantic aspects flawlessly, and I found her world and characters to be believable and all-consuming.  All I can say is, bring on the third book in the trilogy!  I will be patiently waiting to be mesmerized once again.

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