Gardens, Galaxies and Goosebumps Blog Tour 2019

Happy Saturday, Bibliophiles!

I am excited to share with you an interview with horror author David Jenkins!  Peachy Keen Reviews is the next stop on his Gardens, Galaziws, and Goosebumps blog tour, and I am honored to share his work with you.  Keep an eye open for my review of Gardens, Galaxies, and Goosebumps soon!  But for now, enjoy getting to know David below. 🙂

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Does the thought of moving into a house where a Satanist once lived terrify you? Have you ever wondered how society would change following a failed alien invasion? Do you find it strange that humans don’t eat more vegetables even though they’re so good for us? Find the answers to all these questions and more in the nine stories that make up the mixed genre offering that is Gardens, Galaxies and Goosebumps.

Interview with David Jenkins

1)  Why do you enjoy writing?

I enjoy writing fiction because I get to use my imagination, which is freeing and unpredictable. I normally have an idea, two or three lines tops of what will be in each paragraph as well as a brief character worksheet but the story frequently runs away from my plans. I also write reviews and articles which I enjoy because I get to research, voice my opinion and normally support indie projects.

2) Who is your favorite character that you have created?

My adaption of Barbara De Cilli (Queen of Hungary in the 1400s) from my failed comic project- Vampires Of Hungary: The Holy Roman Empire. She is a half-vampire who is facing attacks from all sides- the Vatican, peasants (vampire and humans) and her own ministers. But, despite all this, she still wants to do what’s best for her country and she rarely has a selfish thought apart from her desire to see her daughter again.

3) Which genres are your favorite to write?

Horror is my favorite genre to write particularly creatures because you can explore their strengths, weaknesses, origins, habits. There’s so much character and world creating involved. I’m starting to write more fantasy and sci-fi now as I’m finding my story ideas start life as a question more. For instance, why don’t people eat more vegetables if they’re good for us? These stories don’t need much horror as they’re more about the human condition but they still involve a lot of world-building.

4) Which genres do you like to read?

Horror mainly but I’m branching out more. I read a lot of comics as well and they tend to be superhero comics, mainly Marvel with Spider-Man being my favorite.

5) Which author(s) inspire you?

I grew up with Goosebumps so without R.L Stine I wouldn’t write what I do. But, inspiring wise it would be my writers’ group- Skelmersdale Writers and all the self-published authors I’ve met over the years at events like Edge-Lit. Between them they’ve shown me you don’t have to wait for a publisher to take you on, you can get your work out yourself without any dip in quality.

6) What is your advice for aspiring authors?

Try writing in as many different genres and formats as possible, it’s an enjoyable challenge and you’ll open yourself up to more fans and opportunities.

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