Book Review: All That Compels the Heart by Erin Bowlen

A 2019 Must Read


Rating: 5/5

To the Point

All That Compels the Heart is a sweeping examination of life after tragedy and the metamorphosis we experience on our journey to a heightened life.

Give Me More

All That Compels the Heart is one of those rare novels that has perfect timing.   Upon reading the novel, I found myself in a place similar to that of Aoife (the book’s heroine).  Her story has helped me through a difficult time in my life, and for that, I want to thank Erin Bowlen for introducing her novel to me.  While the novel is defined as romance, I found it to be a gorgeous literary fiction novel that explored one woman’s journey as she steps into a new stage of her life.  Aoife experiences a rude awakening that makes her realize that nothing in life is permanent, but she soon discovers that with change comes love and opportunity.

Erin Bowlen exhibits pristine emotion in her writing, and I enjoyed her combination of humor and drama as it intensified the believability of her story.  I have never had the opportunity to visit Ireland, but Bowlen’s vivid descriptions helped transport me into the scenery.  While All That Compels the Heart is a rather large book at 700+ pages, it did not feel that long and I yearned for more of the story once it ended.  Bowlen’s emotionally riveting ending gave me nostalgic Casablanca vibes, and I must admit that it made me tear up.  I always judge a book on its ability to change me, and All That Compels the Heart has done just that.  Don’t be a fool…add this novel to your summer reading list NOW!  You will be glad you did.

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