What is Your Limit with Romance?

Happy Tuesday, Bibliophiles!

I apologize for not posting last week’s discussion!  I have decided to push back the discussion for a week to help things get back on track.

As we continue with our romance discussions, this week’s question topic is:

What Is Your Limit with Romance?

limit (1).png

By “limit” I’m referring to the types of romance novels that may not be down your alley or may possess elements that don’t appeal to you.  Romance is a genre that offers multiple sub-genres, and most sub-genres have their own audience.  For example, my favorite romance novels are Western-based and involve horses, ranches, cowboys, etc.  I also love historical romance novels set in Victorian times or involve pioneers and the Old West.  However, I am not often attracted to high suspense romance/erotica or romance/erotica that involves law enforcement or violence.  I am also not a big fan of science fiction erotica.  Since romance is connected to sexual desires or fantasies, there is almost a limitless market for just about any form of romance novel.  All romance and erotica is important, and I am curious to know what your preferences are!

Tell me what romance you love in the comments below, as well as what you tend to stay away from!  Let’s get the conversation started. 🙂 


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