Romance Character Battles Winner Announcement

Good Morning, Bibliophiles!

Today we have a final winner for our Romance Character Battles from OWSCyCon 2019 this past weekend!  Our winner is Markus Tep from Worlds Apart by Stephen B. Pearl.  Help me in congratulating him!

Markus Tep.png


Alcina’s world is falling apart. Driven into poverty by her husband’s unrelenting pursuit in the custody of their son, Alcina does whatever she can to hold tight and keep her son from ending up in the arms of a man who would like nothing better than to turn son against mother.

Markus lost his parents in a horrific accident endemic across his world. Areas of chaotic magic grow like cancers, destroying anything and everything in its path. Through years of illegal study and experimentation, Markus believes he has found a cure for his world, but to do so, he must travel to another world before the police can arrest him.

Desperate for a peaceful life with her son, Alcina turns to magic, imploring ancient deities. What she does not expect is a strangely dressed man, speaking an unknown language, suddenly appearing before her. Is this the savior the Gods have sent her?

Arriving in this strange world, Markus is attracted to Alcina. Her compassion in taking in a stranger deepens his affection for her. It is his care of her son that opens Alcina’s closed heart. If only they can save each other’s world without the loss of each other.Visit

2 thoughts on “Romance Character Battles Winner Announcement

  1. Thank you so much for running the competition and my thanks to all who voted for Markus. He currently is blushing madly and mumbling something about how anybody could do it and really he is so flattered and thankful.

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