New Release: Death’s Garden

Happy Monday!

I am excited to announce that an anthology featuring one of my poems – Death’s Garden – is now available to purchase!  This anthology is perfect for horror fans.  Inside you will find poems and short stories from various horror authors, and you won’t want to miss it!

Much love,

Ashley (A.M. Nestler)


The Lycan Valley Reaper has a new hobby — Gardening. He tends to each plant’s every need from seed to harvest. The black seeds bloom in the shadows, petals unfolding as the twisted vines take root in your mind. These 13 stories and 12 poems are planted, germinated and ready for the harvest.

Souls collected from Edward Ahern * Shaun Avery * Ross Baxter * R Bratten weiss * Jonah Buck * O.R. Dalby * JG Faherty * Dale W Glaser * Jill Hand * Michael H Hanson * Liam Hogan * Mathias Jansson * Jordan King-Lacroix * Chad Lutzke * A.M. Nestler * Kurt Newton * Gregory L Norris * Allan Rozinski * Susan A Sheppard * David F Shultz * Claire Smith * Max D Stanton * John McCallum Swain * Sara Tantlinger * Steven Wynne


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