Brains to Books Cyber Convention 2018 Starts Tomorrow

Hello, Everyone!

It is finally that time!  The annual Brain to Books Cyber convention is upon us!  The convention will take place on Goodreads starting tomorrow (April 6) through Sunday (April 8).


This year I am the romance genre manager, and I have some great things planned for you!  We are having a write-a-long, as well as a blog tour, cover wars, character tournament, and an anthology featuring only our romance authors.  Our authors also have their own booths and events planned, so be sure to check them out!

I am also giving away swag bags to anyone who visits my booth and fills out my interest form so you won’t want to miss out on that!

A.M. Nestler Swag Pack Sign Up.png

Be sure to check out the other genres as well.  Who knows, you might find your next favorite author!



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