New Release: The Good Doctor by Andi Jaxon

Happy Wednesday!

I have a treat for you today!  There is a new book out called The Good Doctor by Andi Jaxon, and it is a thrilling medical romance.  I love books that bring such action, and you are sure to love the ride that The Good Doctor takes you on!

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I live in the hospital, working 18 hour days.

My entire life consists of running from patient to patient, until I meet her.

The girl that is afraid of her own shadow.

She starts out as a patient, but thoughts of her consume me.

One phone call leads to me meeting her amazing little girl which changes everything.
With the help of my new partner in crime, I set out to try and save her from a life of fear.

Can she learn to trust me with her life and both their hearts?

**** TRIGGER WARNING: contains mention of physical and emotional abuse. Although no abuse is written out it is described, at times in detail. ****



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