Countdown to B2BCyCon: Roxanne Greening


Happy Thursday, Everyone!

It is now almost the weekend, and I hope that you have lots of bookish plans in store! 😉  Today I would like to introduce you to author Roxanne Greening who is one of our featured romance authors at the Brain to Books Cyber Convention this coming April.  She writes thrilling romance, and I am sure that you are going to love her!  Enjoy. 🙂

Much love,


Author Roxanne Greening.png

Our pasts came for me and I was helpless against the tide as they dragged me away. 

I was thrown out like trash in a Texas dumpster. My family if you call them that gave me my name to remind me of where I came from and what I was garbage. They said I owed them for the roof over my head and the food they provided. I did horrible things and my soul was slowly burning and turning to ash. I belonged to them and I have the collar to prove it. I wanted freedom I wanted to escape the hell I was born into. Then I met him, and my life changed that freedom I wanted was just there at my fingertips. I foolishly thought it was over that I was free from my past my secret shame. They came for me my past and his took me away from the only place I could call home. He was my home and now vengeance was what they called for blood must be spilled to appease all the wrongs Kell and I supposedly did.

She was a flame in the darkness. I wanted to keep her I needed her warmth. Texas was mine. It was that simple. But our pasts collide, and they take her as our punishment. Her secrets were dragged into the light and they foolishly thought that with them spilling into my world they were going to get away with it. That with her blood they would be free. I was going to hunt them like the dogs they were. Their blood would flow and spill over this earth. No one could save them from me. Darkness was what I became was what I was. They took my light, my beacon. Death was coming for them and hell was where they were going.

Can he save her? Will there past get what they seek? Or will love to prevail and save them both?


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