Cover Reveal: Rise in Arms by J.A. Collard

Hello, Everyone!

I am happy to release to you the new cover for a romance book called Rise In Arms by J.A. Collard!  This novel comes out in April, and I am absolutely in love with the cover.  Have fun with it, and check out the series below!

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` COVER REVEAL

Rise In Arms 1.jpg

TITLE : Rise In Arms
SERIES : Blood Brothers MC Book #4
AUTHOR : J.A. Collard
GENRE : MC Romance
RELEASE DATE : April 28th 2018

“Sometimes the heart wants what it wants, even though we know that that very same thing could kill us.”

Accepted into the Blood Brothers MC was the turning point in my life. I’d come from scum, a father who was in jail for trafficking and a mother who wasted her money on drugs rather than providing food on the table for me and my sister. Hazel and I learnt from a young age how to take care of ourselves, even if that included me hustling to give her, her life-long dream, and that was to go to college. With her out of the picture and living on campus it was time to take care of myself, and what I wanted was to be part of a brotherhood that protected you no matter what. The Blood Brothers MC.

Proving myself as prospect in the club, it was not long before I was a member and given the responsibility of protecting Jasmine, our Presidents ol’ lady. But life had a cruel way of making me crave something that I could never have, Jasmine Marques.

She was under my protection and I fucking wanted her. Her smile, that mouth, that god damn body was all I pictured when I was fucking whores. And she was marrying Quill, my president.

I was going out of my fucking mind not only dealing with the fact that I could never have her, but to know that she was having Quill’s baby made me go mad. She was never going to be mine and I had to get the fuck out of town and get her out of my fucking head.

But when my sister Hazel shows up with friend Ava to get protection from her abusive boyfriend, I find that she may be the one person to make me stay.

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