Book Review: Reflections of a Scurvy Bastard by Joseph Ferguson

Title: Reflections of a Scurvy Bastard

Author: Joseph Ferguson

Rating: 5/5

Poems of nature.
Poems of the street.
Gritty, light.
Nostalgic, raw.
Stark, indelible images that leap off the page and smack you stupid.
Poems to make you flinch.
Poems to make you smile.
They’re all here.

Short Review

Reflections of a Scurvy Bastard is a raw poetry collection that captures glimpses of life and dreams in quick, painful excerpts.

Full Review

I adore poetry.  As a poet myself, I relish in the raw prose of my fellow authors.  Joseph Ferguson is one of the greats.  He is able to write poems about various subjects in a way that is both jolting and beautiful.  His work reminds me of the great Charles Chbosky in the way that some of his poems come across as brash and gritty, but his use of phrasing turns the language into art.

Ferguson’s poem Santa Clause is an excellent example of his brash phrasing.  The way that he paints Santa Clause as a drunk is both satirical and metaphorical, and it challenges the reader to look deeper into his wording.

Reflections of a Scurvy Bastard is a mix of both brazen poems about various everyday subjects, as well as deeper insights into literature and the art of poetry.  I found most of the poems to be freeform with a sprinkling of haikus throughout the collection.  My favorite poem from the book is Classics Illustrated due to its take on comic book illustrations.  I loved the way that Ferguson used language to bring book illustrations to life.  I felt as though he insinuated that comic books and illustrated books present alternate worlds and realities that are just as alive as ours.  The mystification of Ferguson’s writing always astounds me, and I appreciate how he challenges the reader to look at various situations in a deeper light.  His poetry is not light, but difficult to read, and that is what makes his poetry a true gift.

Final Thought

Reflections of a Scurvy Bastard is an excellent poetry collection that connects each poem in a way that becomes a jumbled story.  If you are familiar with my reviews you may know I rarely give out 5-star reviews, but this collection deserves all 5 of those stars.  I applaud books that deepen my awareness and challenge me to read outside of the box.  I highly suggest this quick collection to any poetry lover who is looking for a brazen new artist to follow.  You won’t be disappointed.


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