Women in Horror Month – Feature 1

Happy Monday, Everyone!

February is Women in Horror month, and I am so excited to share the month with you!  As a female horror author and horror fanatic myself, I am very passionate about female representation in horror.


To kick off the month, I am introducing to you the table of contents for a new horror collection that will be featuring my poem “In the Shadow of the Damned”!  This collection is called “Death’s Garden”, and it is filled with short stories and poems by numerous horror authors (many of whom are female).


Much love,



Table of Contents

1 Sugar and Spice by Jill Hand
2 Flesh Floret by Sara Tantlinger
3 Hell is More Than Half of Paradise by O.R. Dalby
4 Eve of All Souls by Susan A Sheppard
5 Song of the Soil by Steven Wynne
6 In the Shadow of the Damned by A.M. Nestler
7 The Plague Trees by Ross Baxter
8 Death’s Garden by Michael H Hanson
9 The Final Coupling by Shaun Avery
10 Eternal Blossom by Mathias Jansson
11 Green Growing Things by Dale W Glaser
12 Nursery by Chad Lutzke
13 Rhymes With Orange by Gregory L Norris
14 Plant Them Deep by Jordan King-Lacroix
15 How Does Your Garden Grow by JG Faherty
16 Relief by R. Bratten Weiss
17 Monstrous Veg by Liam Hogan
18 Roaches in the Wormwood by David Shultz
19 Cornographic by Jonah Buck
20 Seeds of Guilt by Claire Smith
21 The Master and The Mushroom by Max D Stanton
22 The Bodies Never Ripen in the Grapeyard by Kurt Newton
23 Fleurs Du Mal by Edward Ahern
24 The Garden by Alan Rozinski
25 Queensfield by John McCallum Swain


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