Cover Reveal: Crimson Illusion by Rae B. Lake

Happy New Year’s Eve, Everyone!

I hope that you all have a wonderful end of the year. 🙂  I promise that I will have my list of best books that I read in 2017 up soon!  But in the meantime, please enjoy this cover reveal for Crimson Illusion by Rae B. Lake.  This book is available for pre-order right now, and it looks like a great guilty pleasure novel!

Much love,



*•.¸★ COVER REVEAL ★¸.•*´


 Crimson Illusion Final.jpg


I should have known, I was told not to trust the Palaens, but still I did. Now even after the broken bones and the bruises have healed, I am still left in pieces. No matter how hard I try to erase him from my memory, my heart always reminds me of one fact. I am in love with a killer.


She is gone…just gone. Right when I thought maybe we would start a life together, she leaves me, or at least I hope she did. There was so much blood, and explanations why. I need to find her, even if its just to let her go.


Crimson Illusion is part 2 of the 7 Kingdoms Novels, Join Kate and Lucas as they find out just how much havoc the Phantoms can do to the Wolfe and Fields families. Will they be able to move past what happened in New Hampshire and fight this new demon together or will they have to admit defeat?


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