December Theme Reveal: Winter Wonderland – Literary Vacation Club

Hello, Everyone!

I am so insanely excited for our December theme at Literary Vacation Club, and I just couldn’t wait to announce it!  The theme is “Winter Wonderland” and it will come with a gorgeous novel signed by the author AND actor Alex Pettyfer, who helped publish the book!

December Destination.png

This box will transport you to a gorgeous snow filled land while also bringing you items to keep you warm and cozy.  I have to admit that this is my favorite box that we have ever done, and we are so excited to be bringing you such a big literary experience.

Due to the autographed exclusivity of this box, we only have 5 BOXES LEFT.  The rest have been claimed, and we will not be selling the box past December 10!

Much love,


Give yourself the gift of a literary vacation today!


2 thoughts on “December Theme Reveal: Winter Wonderland – Literary Vacation Club

  1. No offence but no thank you. Only like to see snow on seasonal greeting cards. I hate the Damn stuff in Real life. I am intolerant of cold. Due to it being a symptom of my hypothyroidism.


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