Literary Vacation Club Reveal: September 2017

Hello, Everyone!

I am super excited to be able to finally reveal our September box at Literary Vacation Club!  For those of you who don’t know, I am the CEO of Literary Vacation Club, a book subscription that sends out indie or lesser known novels along with items to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.  I designed my box to help subscribers stress relieve through our multi-sensory reading experience!  As someone who suffers from clinical depression and panic disorder, I have found that reading is one of the only things that helps me to calm down.  That being said, I wanted to take that relaxing reading experience to a new level through my box!

Each purchase that is made for Literary Vacation Club helps me to support NAMI – The National Alliance on Mental Illness.  From my wonderful subscriber’s help, I have been able to donate over $500 from the box so far!

Much love,


September’s theme was “Autumn Mountain Getaway”

Through this box we focused on sending subscribers to the mountains of North Carolina to celebrate fall.


In this box, we featured a beautiful book called Paintbrush by Hannah Bucchin as well as the following multi-sensory items:

  • TO TOUCH: Crocheted Cozy Item (Scarf, hat, headband, etc.) – I hand crocheted every item myself from my own designs
  • TO SMELL: Cedarwood Lip Balm by Antiquity + Illusion – a company owned by author Tiffany Apan
  • TO TASTE: Cherry Candies – made in North Carolina
  • TO SEE: Scarecrow Solar figure, North Carolina Bookmark, and a North Carolina Passport Stamp
  • TO HEAR: Exclusive playlist linked to Paintbrush available to listen to for free on Spotify
  • BONUS: Autumn Leaves Earrings – I handmade these as well
  • All subscribers also receive an exclusive reading passport with their first box!  The passport is designed so that subscribers can add their new passport stamps each month, as well as their thoughts on that month’s book(s).

Our October box is currently SOLD OUT but our November box is now available for sale!

November’s theme is “Washington, USA” so we will be taking you to the gorgeous woods of Washington!  The novel that I have chosen is a real treat, and you won’t want to miss it.  Since every box is handmade specifically for each subscriber, we have very little stock available.  Grab your box while you can!


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