Book Review: Hot Georgia Rein by Martha Sweeney

Title: Hot Georgia Rein

Author: Martha Sweeney

Rating: 4/5


Releases September 12, 2017

First loves don’t last, not like you think they will when you’re in the beginning or middle of them. First loves are fun and painful, giving you the beauty and darkness of life in a single relationship, breaking your fantasies like a twig and making you realize that life is not all sunshine, sparkling fireflies, and rainbows. No, it’s not pretty at all. First loves build you up, and just when you think that life can’t get any better, they shatter into a million raindrops, making you see how life really works. First loves crush you, ruining you for anyone else.

That’s what Ivy Lynn Abney and Henry Lee Rein have battled with since things ended between them about three years ago. Neither of them have spoken and are still hung up on what occurred. They both have regrets and the love they once had for each other never really went away. They were young and wanted different things. Have their wants changed enough to allow their love to reignite? Can first loves become second loves even with secrets?


Martha Sweeney knows how to capture the warmth of romance in the strands of her words.  From the first page, I felt connected to Ivy and her southern family.  The hot and heavy romance was paired with genuine storytelling, and I enjoyed how Sweeney focused on the development of the characters.  Many times I find that romance authors focus too much on the romantic scenes and not enough with character development.   However, Sweeney broke the mold with Hot Georgia Rein.  

Ivy and Henry represent a romantic couple that is all too familiar – the estranged couple who have separated but are still hung up on the past.  The tension between them guided the story, and it presented a beautiful sadness too.  Having gone through a similar circumstance, I felt connected to Ivy and Henry’s relationship.  I couldn’t help but root for them throughout the book, and I felt bonded to their personalities.  Sweeney’s writing is fast moving and void of filler, which had me on the edge of my seat.  I am a sucker for painful romances paired with a southern flair, and Sweeney completely won me over.

The only reason I didn’t give Hot Georgia Rein 5 out of 5 stars is that I found some of the scenes to be a bit corny.  The relationship between Ivy’s parents was too romantic in my opinion, even though their romance was important to the story.  I think that their scenes could have been toned down a bit, and the effect of the novel would not change.  However, these scenes didn’t detract me from enjoying my reading experience, and I am sure that hardcore romance readers will enjoy them.

Hot Georgia Rein is a saucy southern romance with a twinge of irresistible sadness, and Sweeney kept me thoroughly entertained throughout her book.  I look forward to reading her other work!  If you are a romance fan, Sweeney is not an author to miss.



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