Book Review: A Beautiful Kind of Hope by Cathy Johns

Title: A Beautiful Kind of Hope

Author: Cathy Johns

Rating: 3/5


I have lived my life without distraction, building a name and an empire in this competitive world, becoming a billionaire as I stayed true to my late mother’s wishes. But all that changed the moment I laid my eyes on her… Butterfly; that’s what they called her. The woman I couldn’t tear my eyes from as she captivated the crowd, swaying her curvy hips, her nude lingerie leaving nothing to the imagination. The one woman who made me want to break a few wrists when they tried to touch her beautiful mocha skin. I didn’t know her, and all it took was one taste of her intoxicating scent and I knew I’d never get enough of her. I needed her in my life to be that ray of sunshine. To be my beautiful kind of hope.


A Beautiful Kind of Hope by Cathy Johns is an unusual romance between a billionaire and a stripper.  Based on the synopsis, I was afraid that this romance would end up being shallow based on the cliche romance.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with the depth of the relationship that Johns presented.  Her characters are deep, and I simply fell in love with Hope and Taylor.

Johns writes with a unique voice.  A Beautiful Kind of Hope is split into chapters that change perspectives between Hope and Taylor, which suits the story well.  Even though the novel is a slow burner and tends to be over written, Hope kept me reading.  The strength of Hope’s character was admirable, and I rooted for her to find true love.  Strong female characters in romance are my guilty pleasure, and I enjoyed Johns giving Hope such a unique perspective.  Characters who are strippers tend to be labeled as strippers and nothing more, but Johns turned that stereotype on its head.

However, I did have to give A Beautiful Kind of Hope 3 out of 5 stars.  The writing tended to be long winded, and this detracted from my reading enjoyment.  There were areas of the novel that seemed to be packed with filler, and I did not find them necessary.  But the beautiful romance of Hope and Taylor kept me locked in.

A Beautiful Kind of Hope is a unique romance that takes a typical stereotype and turns it into something new.  I enjoyed finding out more about Hope and Taylor as they fell in love, as well as their separate lives.  Johns knows how to write strong characters that jump off the page, and her voice is a treat for romance lovers.


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