Beware of Nerd Block

Hello, Everyone,

It saddens me to have to write this post, but as someone who has promoted and advocated for Nerd Block for about a year now, I feel that I must.

I have been with Nerd Block for almost a year as I have been subscribed to their Horror Block (which I used to love); but lately, they have really been going under.  I have yet to receive my May Horror Block, and Nerd Block has stopped answering emails or requests for refunds.  There is also some stipulation going around that Nerd Block is dealing with a law suit due to payments that they have not been making to their vendors.  Those who have received their recent blocks also said that they are sending out duplicate items from previous boxes since they haven’t purchased new items.

As a subscription box owner myself, I am sickened by this customer service.  But as a consumer, I am very disappointed.  Nerd Block is still taking subscription box orders, and this feels like stealing.

If you are interested in trying Nerd Block out, please do wait until they work through these kinks, or just try Loot Crate or My Geek Box.  These are companies that I have never had issues with, and who I support 100%.  Even though I have loved Nerd Block, I won’t be giving them any more of my business.

Much love,


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