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I am excited to announce that I was the featured author this past Friday on author Renee Scattergood’s blog!  She posted an interview with me, as well as a focus on my first novel Beautiful Nightmare.  Beautiful Nightmare was published when I was 18 years old, and it has such a special spot in my heart.  Through my interview with Renee, I was able to go in depth about Beautiful Nightmare, and why I write.  I hope you enjoy!

I am also posting a link to Renne’s work so that you can further view her own novels!

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Author A.M. Nestler

What if your true love was only present in your dreams?

In the dystopian town of Lunamoon, everything is structured. Humans are created by science and everyone is programmed to follow certain regulations; but one girl, Shawneleigh, never lived up to the Council’s regulations. Shawneleigh has the disorder of narcolepsy, a disorder that causes her to fall asleep at random times without warning. Because of her illness, the Council banned her to life in a hospital since she cannot be counted on fulfill other duties. Lunamoonians all receive prophecies for their lives through dreams that the Dream Maker sends to them, but Shawneleigh hadn’t received a dream in years until she found herself falling into a dream during her sleeping spells. It is during these spells that she meets a man named August who claims to be the Dream Maker himself. He also lives in solitude outside of Lunamoon, and they begin to form a bond; however, Shawneleigh cannot control when she falls asleep, and soon August finds a way to manipulate her illness. The only problem is that when he manipulates her sleeping disorder, she continues to grow sicker. But no matter how hard they try, they can’t stay away from one another.

“Beautiful Nightmare: Some Dreams Become Your Reality” is novel about love, life, and the importance of those who care about you.

Love, above all else, is the best thing that we have to give.


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