Cover Reveal: A Beautiful Kind of Hope by Cathy Johns

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I am happy to share with you a cover reveal from author Cathy Johns for her new novel, A Beautiful Kind of Hope!  Cathy Johns is a beautiful erotic romance author, and  I can’t wait to read her new book!  I hope you enjoy.

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A Beautiful Kind of Hope by Cathy Johns
“Everyday I’ll find a way to remind you and assure you why it had to be you and no one else.”


I have lived my life without distraction, building a name and an empire in this competitive world, becoming a billionaire as I stayed true to my late mother’s wishes. But all that changed the moment I laid my eyes on her…
Butterfly; that’s what they called her. The woman I couldn’t tear my eyes from as she wooed the crowd, swaying her curvy hips, her nude lingerie leaving nothing to the imagination. The one woman who made me want to break a few wrists when they tried to touch her beautiful mocha skin.
I didn’t know her, and all it took was one taste of her intoxicating scent and I knew I’d never get enough of her.  

I needed her in my life to be that ray of sunshine.
To be my beautiful kind of hope.

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Author Bio

I’m a Kenyan based Author who grew up in small village in Africa, one of the most beautiful places in the world. My family means the world to me, my greatest role in life is that of Daughter, Sister and Aunt and I wouldn’t be who I am today without their continued support and love. I had a remarkable childhood not completely without struggle but I consider myself lucky enough to still have good people around me who are still by my side.

My writing started as a healing process, reading and getting lost in the world of words and people’s stories has always been my greatest form of escape. I believe in happily ever after’s and expect to read about intense connections and stories that will leave you hopeful and longing for true love.

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