Box Review: Coffee and a Classic – June 2017

Hello, everyone!

I am so excited to show you a new box that I am absolutely IN LOVE with!  It is called Coffee and a Classic and it is a book box that curates items each month that go with different classic books.  This is a great box for those who love classic literature – and let’s be real – who doesn’t need more classic literature in their life?!

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Curl up with a cup of coffee and a classic book each month with a Coffee and a Classic Subscription.


  • Starter Classic Subscription: $25/month + shipping*
    • Treat yourself or the book lover in your life to a classic book, something to sip on and 2 bookish item each month with the Coffee and a Classic Starter Subscription.
  • Standard Classic Subscription: $38.00/month + shipping*
    • The Standard Subscription is perfect for you if you want the full experience and love bookish things! This is the original Coffee and a Classic book box including a classic book, something to sip on (your choice!), something to snack on, a bookmark, a coffee mug (usually hand-painted) and 1-2 bookish items based on a theme. This book box is packaged in a high-quality photo box.
  • Choose between children’s classic literature, classic literature, or classic nonfiction literature.
  • (Standard Classic Subscription Only) Choose your preferred beverage choice!  The options are tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or surprise me.

*SHIPPING: $12 – US Only

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I received the June Standard Classic Subscription from Coffee & a Classic to review, and I couldn’t wait to try out this unique box!  I love how this box focuses on the classics because they aren’t recognized enough.

Coffee and a Classic comes in a fancy photo box inside of another mailer to protect it.  I like how the box is reusable so that you won’t just throw it away and waste it.

Upon opening the box, I was happy to see how carefully everything was packaged!  This extra care is always a nice touch.

This month’s box is based on Moby Dick!  I love this because I have never read Moby Dick and it is something that is on my bucket list.

This month’s coffee is extremely appropriate!  It is called “Moby Dick” and it is from Voyage Coffee Roasters.  I love how this coffee fits the book choice perfectly.

The next item is this metal, Moby Dick themed mug!  I like how it has an old-fashioned, captain feel to it, and it is perfect to use with the coffee.

The next item is this Moby Dick themed tote!  The quote on the bag is perfect, and the anchor symbol is classic.

The next item comes wrapped in this gorgeous, coastal wrapping.  The simplicity of it is beautiful!

The encased item is a handmade oil diffuser, and it is made out of clay.  The oil that came with it smells just like the ocean!  This is the perfect oil diffuser for my bathroom.

The next item is a package of salt water taffy in various flavors!  The different colored taffy matches the ocean theme, and the flavors are delicious!

The last item is this metal whale bookmark.  I love the whale tail charm and how the bookmark goes with Moby Dick.

Final Thought: Coffee and a Classic has already become one of my favorite boxes!  This box is so different from other book boxes, and I love how they focus on classics.  Even if you have already read the classic in the box, you are sent multiple items based on that classic that you can cherish!  Besides, who doesn’t need more copies of classic books?  I personally love collecting them.  But anyhoo, if you are looking for an old fashioned, literature based box, then Coffee and a Classic is a winner!  Even though it is pricier than other boxes, the items and curation included are well worth the cost.

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