Special Offer: FREE Welcome Kit – Literary Vacation Club

Hello, Everyone!

I am excited to announce that we at Literary Vacation Club are having a special offer from June 23 – June 30!  If you subscribe to either of our plans (The Weekender or The Holiday) you will receive a FREE welcome package including a book from one of our favorite indie authors, and bonus author swag such as magnets, bookmarks, and postcards!  This is the only time that we will be holding this special offer, so make sure to snag your spot while you can!

Sunset chaser1

Also, if you subscribe during this time you will receive our July box which is themed “Destination: Neverland”!  This box will take you on a full vacation to Neverland through all 5 of your senses, and we can’t wait to send these boxes out.  Our fans voted on this literary destination, and it is going to be a blast!

For those who don’t know, here is a rundown of what is included in our packages:

  • The Weekender: $14.99/month + shipping

    • 1 Lesser Known Novel
    • An Item to Hear: Exclusive Playlist
    • An Item to See: Journal, Art Print, Stickers, etc.
    • And EITHER an Item to Smell (Candles, Soaps, etc.) or an Item to Touch (Jewelry, Bookmarks, Accessories, etc.)
  • The Holiday: $29.99/month + shipping

    • 1 – 2 Lesser Known Novels
    • An Item to Hear: Exclusive Playlist
    • An Item to See: Journal, Art Print, Stickers, etc.
    • An Item to Touch: Jewelry, Bookmarks, Accessories, etc.)
    • An Item to Smell: Candles, Soaps, etc.
    • An Item to Taste: Destination/Story Related Snack
    • Bonus Bookish Item Related to Theme

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Thank you so much for all of your support, and I can’t wait to share this offer with you!

Much love,


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