Box Review: The Bookworm Box – April 2017

Hello, Everyone!

I am in love with The Bookworm Box because all of the funding from their box goes to charity.  They also support women who love to read romance by sending them high-quality romance novels!  I think that the love and passion that goes into this box is amazing, and I hope that you will agree.

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Good deeds, great reads.


The Bookworm Box was created by Colleen Hoover, a published author.  She is also the CEO of the box!  Colleen Hoover created The Bookworm Box to give back to society after she became an author.


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I received the April 2017 The Bookworm Box to review, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this box!

The Bookworm Box comes in a purple box with the adorable logo on the top!

Upon opening the box, you are greeted with a letter from the owner of the box – Colleen Hoover!  The letter focuses on changes that are coming to the box, as well as a charitable update.  I love how all of the profit from this box goes to charity.

The first item included in the box is a tea towel with The Bookworm Box’s logo on it!  I have to admit, it took me a long time to figure out what this was since it was just simple canvas.  But once I found out that it is a tea towel, I was excited to put it in my kitchen!

The next item is a pen with The Bookworm Box’s logo on it!  I can never have enough pens, so I will be putting this to great use.

The last accessory is a magnet featuring The Bookworm Box’s logo.  I love the worm in the logo, so I can’t wait to put this on my fridge!

This box also came with bonus bookmarks featuring romance authors and their books!  There is also a postcard featuring the “Smart Girls Read Books” movement.  I am a big fan of this movement to remove the stigma from women who love to read romance novels, so I love that The Bookworm Box supports it.

The first book included in the April box is Emerge by S.E. Hall.  This novel is a new adult romance, and it is signed by the author!

Here Is The Synopsis:

“You never have to be without me, Laney, never.”

He lied…my everything I ever knew, trusted, wanted…I am, in fact, without him.

On my own and out of my shell, I learn new things about life,  friendship, and…myself.

Like what you’ve always known may not be what you’ve always wanted.

Dane Kendrick awakened things within me that I never knew existed, unraveling and uncovering the real Laney Jo Walker.

I’m a NEW adult…so is my story.

Emerge sounds like an intense romance novel, and I can’t wait to read it!  New adult romances are some of my favorites.

The last item in the box is the book Tapping the Billionaire by Max Monroe!  This novel is a humorous romance, and I can’t wait to read it.  It looks so different from any other romance novel I have read!  And of course, it is signed by the author.

Here Is The Synopsis:

A secret duo of romance authors team up under the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling pseudonym Max Monroe to bring you a sexy, laugh-out-loud new series. Are you ready to meet the Billionaire Bad Boys?

Blind dates? Online dating profiles? Been there, done that.

Georgia Cummings has zero luck with dating, and the era of the internet is not her friend.
No matter how fast she runs, how many corners she turns, she can’t find her way out of this weird, alternate universe where men think d*ck pics are a replacement for small talk and getting to know a girl. One more crotch selfie and she might write men off for good…

But why can’t she stop fantasizing about him?

Kline Brooks is the quintessential billionaire bad boy—dark, styled, short hair, muscles for days, and a panty-dropping smile.
Except—he isn’t.

As his employee, he won’t touch her with a ten-foot pole.
But she won’t touch him either.

Too bad their hormones missed the memo.

If you’re the type of woman who prefers crotch selfies to small talk, this book isn’t for you.

If you enjoy random men you’ve never met filling up your inbox with dirty words and p*rn—for reasons focused more towards diddling your donut than laughing at the absurdity—this book isn’t for you.

If you HATE laughing, this book isn’t for you.

If you want your male leads to grunt, thrust like jack rabbits, and have one-track minds that prefer a nice pair of t*ts to brains every hour of every day for the rest of forever, well, then, this book still isn’t for you.


If you enjoy a good swoon, a hearty laugh, witty banter, and some hot as f*@% f*@%ing, then consider Georgia Cummings your Girl Friday and Kline Brooks your next irresistible book boyfriend.

Final Thought: The Bookworm Box is a great box to give back to society, while also satisfying your romance novel fix!  Even though some of the bonus items can be repeats due to the random nature of the box, The Bookworm Box is a great way to receive signed romance novels that you are sure to love.  I love the mission of this box, and I highly suggest it!  If you are like me and need a little sexy time now and then, The Bookworm Box has got you covered 😉

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