Box Review: Sherbert Box – May 2017

Hello, Everyone!

I want to share with you a box that is based in the UK called Sherbert Box!  This box brings you unique stationary each month based on a different theme.  All of the stationery is hand designed by the artist of Sherbert Box, Claire, and I just love her designs!  This is a great box for those who love independent art like I do.

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Love stationery? Love getting happy post?

The SherbetBox is sent out to our lovely subscribers each month, packed with stationery exclusively designed by illustrator Claire Keay.  Each box has a different theme and the contents are always a surprise so it’s just like buying a little present for yourself each month!


  • $17.83(14 pounds)/month + shipping*

*Shipping Is FREE In The UK – Rest Of World Is $6.31(4.95 Pounds)

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May’s theme was “Wanderlust” so I couldn’t wait to try this box!

Sherbert Box comes in a small, letter size box.  I love how compact the packaging is!  The box is sealed with a sticker that has the Sherbert Box hashtag on it.

Since this box came at the end of May, it came with a June calendar page!  I love how this calendar page is specifically designed for the box to go with the “Wanderlust” theme.  The illustrations are adorable!

The next items came in a small gift bag.  They included some travel inspired washi tape, an eraser, and a small paper suitcase with map pins in it!  I love the careful detailing on the paper suitcase.  I also love putting pins on a map to mark where I have traveled to, so the pins will be put to great use.  The vintage feel of the washi tape is also my favorite!

The next items are greeting cards that have travel designs on them!  The artwork is so cute, and I can’t wait to mail these.  I love how all three cards represent a different form of travel.

The next item is a notebook that is designed with travel illustrations!  I love how cute the artwork is.  The inside of the notebook is dotted like graph paper.  I love using this type of paper for artwork, so I have already started to use the notebook!

The next items are an art print, a set of stationary paper, and some stickers!   I love the art on the art print and how it represents May’s theme.  The simple design of the stationary is very classy, and the stickers are so well made!

Final Thought: Sherbert Box is a great stationary box!  I love how all of the items are made specifically by Claire Keay, the designer, so you can’t find them anywhere else.  It is neat how each month comes with a different theme so you can build up a variety of stationary!  If you love to write letters or decorate your planner or journal, then Sherbert Box is a great box to bring you goodies for your craft!

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