Box Review: Bawdy Bookworms – Spring 2017

Hello, Everyone!

Today, I am going to share with you a very unique book subscription called Bawdy Bookworms that has a sexy twist to it!

But due to the adult nature of this post, please DO NOT proceed to read if you are under 18. Ages 18+ ONLY!  

I am super excited about this box, and I hope that you will love it as much as I do.  Bawdy Bookworms comes with a romance/erotica novel as well as fun adult accessories.  If you are like me and need a sexy night in now and then, then Bawdy Bookworms is a can’t miss.  Enjoy!

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*Ages 18+ ONLY*

Each month, you’ll receive a specially curated package with a smokin’ hot book plus a few sexy surprises.

And yes, sometimes batteries are included. All in discreet packaging, of course. That’s not all. Bawdy Bookworms is also a virtual book club that will offer our subscribers access to a private forum. What’s the fun in reading sexy stories if we don’t have anyone to discuss it with?


  • $34.95/every 3 months + shipping*
  • One – time boxes are available for those who don’t want to commit to a subscription!

*Shipping is calculated.  US (starts at $6) and Canada (starts at $15) ONLY.  

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The spring box’s theme is “Turn Up the Heat”!

I was so excited to receive Bawdy Bookworms because I love a bit of sexy time with my reading! Bawdy Bookworms is all about helping women be proud of their sexuality, and I am all for that.

Bawdy Bookworms comes in discrete packaging, which I appreciate!  They really care about their subscribers’ discretion.

Upon opening the box, I love seeing how simple and sexy the packaging is!  Opening this box is like walking into a classy, erotic store without the awkwardness.  For those who are uncomfortable going to adult stores, Bawdy Bookworms has got you covered!

After pulling back the tissue paper, the first thing that you see is the content card!  I love when the card is displayed first so that you know what is included in the box.

The chosen book for the spring box is Delicious by Shayla Black!  From what I can tell, this book is out of print.  That makes the book that much more valuable to receive!

Here is the synopsis:

Luc’s entire future is planned out-but there is one very sexy obstacle in his path: Alyssa, a strip club owner with whom Luc recently shared one night of wild abandon. It left Luc terrified by his loss of self­control-and Alyssa desperate for more. But Luc is not the only man desperate to have Alyssa…and that’s just one of her secrets-secrets as dark and mysterious and delicious as her fantasies.

I am so excited to receive this book because I had not heard of it before receiving this box.

The owner of the box, Kim, added a note to subscribers on the content card as to why she chose Delicious as the book!  I love the personal touch of the letter, and it makes me more excited to read the book knowing that Kim loved it.  Bawdy Bookworms is perfect for those who have a hard time navigating the romance/erotica genre so that they can have books hand chosen for them.

Since Delicious is set in Louisiana, Kim included coffee and a creamy praline from Louisiana to go with the book!  Kim is from Louisiana herself, so I love that she connected her personal story to the box.  I have already eaten the praline, and it was delicious!  I am also a coffee fanatic, so I can’t wait to try this coffee out.  There is nothing better than drinking a cup of hot coffee while reading a great book!

The first sexy item is this vibrating lipstick!  I LOVE the pink and black color, and the fact that it is the size of a real lipstick.  When the cap is on, you can’t tell that it isn’t real which makes it discreet enough to carry around with you.  I have to say *ah-hem* that I have already “tried” this lipstick vibrator out, and I give it an A+++ 😉

The next two items go together.  They are a small tube of lubricant and a Jackits MANsturbation Sleeve.  The sleeve is meant to be used on a man when giving him a handjob, or when he is giving himself a handjob.  I’m not sure how I feel about this product.  Don’t get me wrong, I gave it to my man and he loves it; but for women who get this box for themselves and don’t have a man, this item might go to waste.

The last item is this Body Heat Warming Massage Gel in Pina Colada flavor.  This gel can be used on yourself, or with someone else.  *Ah-hem* again, I have tried this both on myself and with my partner, and I thought that it was great!  It heats up well, and the taste is nice.

The box also came with a bookmark and postcard advertising more romance/erotica books!  I always love book swag with reading recommendations, so I appreciate these items.

Final Thought: Bawdy Bookworms comes with everything I love: a great sexy read with fun toys to experiment with!  I love how personal the box is, and I have put good use into every item included in the box.  My only recommendation would be to keep all of the toys women-centered only since the box is based on the concept of a “woman’s night in”.  That way women with or without a man can enjoy the entire box!  But other than that, Bawdy Bookworms is an excellent box that promotes women’s’ sexuality, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience that it has brought.

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