Book Review: Sheets and Secrets by Liv Moore

Title: Sheets and Secrets

Author: Liv Moore

Rating: 3/5


Ellie has realized becoming a stay at home writer has proven to be more challenging than rewarding. Living on the outskirts of the city with no potential job on the horizon, Ellie is left with too much time on her hands and not enough money. When a spot opens up at the strip club down the street where her roommate works, she jumps at the opportunity. Plus, she is in desperate need of some writing inspiration.
What could possibly go wrong?

Kason has dated the wrong type of women his entire life. Being a cop, he’s seen what goes on in the background of the clubs. After what happened years ago, he swore he would never get involved with a stripper ever again.
Until he meets Ellie.

Will Ellie be able to keep Kason and her job a secret? Will Kason run away from his past, or accept it and let Ellie in?

Will danger find them tangled between their sheets and secrets?

*Sheets and Secrets is a STANDALONE novella with some violence, suspense, sexual conduct, and language. As always, an HEA. Ages 18+ only.


Sheets and Secrets is a debut romance novella by author Liv Moore.  At only 138 pages, I was excited to read this quick and dirty story.  The synopsis of the book also promised danger, and I love a bit of risk paired with my romance!

Ellie is a stay at home writer who finds herself broke and barely making ends meet.  After moving in with a stripper who was looking for a roommate on Craig’s List, she becomes exposed to the stripping lifestyle.  Once an opening at her roommate’s club opens up, Ellie takes a risk by becoming a stripper.  It is through this job that she meets ex-cop Kason and they become romantically involved.

Moore creates a hot and heavy romance that is never dull and brings a sense of excitement to the reader.  The suspense that she adds to Kason and Ellie’s romance adds just the right amount of risk, and it forces the reader to connect with Kason and Ellie.

Despite the unusual plot concerning a romance between a stripper and an ex-cop, Moore was able to add substance to her characters.  At the end of the novella, I didn’t think of Karon or Ellie in terms of their professions, and I wanted to see their romance bloom further.  My only critique would be to go back and correct the grammar throughout this novella as I caught many mistakes that sidetracked me from the story.  But other than that, Sheets and Secrets is a good first romance from a blossoming author!



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