Announcing Midnight Society Press

Hello, Everyone!

I am excited to announce that my partner and I have started a new publishing company titled “Midnight Society Press”!  As authors and artists ourselves, we found that we were dismayed with the selection of young adult horror and dark fiction novels currently on the market.  We created Midnight Society Press to be able to publish and bring the world hard hitting young adult horror and dark fiction that both young adults and adults can enjoy.  Our mission is to change the young adult horror and dark fiction scene so that the writing is not desensitized for young adults.


Here is our press release:

Midnight Society Press = A publishing company specializing in young adult horror and dark fiction.

The founders of Midnight Society Press – Ashley Nestler and Jennifer Davanh – were discouraged by the lack of hard hitting horror and dark fiction available to young adults in the current, traditionally published market. With experience in the publishing world and authors/artists themselves, the pair decided to found a publishing company that focuses on edgy, dark young adult fiction that isn’t afraid to scare the reader or make them think.

All of Midnight Society Press’s books are centered on characters in the young adult age range, while exploring the dark side of literature. Young adult fiction under the dark fiction genres shouldn’t be desensitized, and Midnight Society Press aims to bring young adults and adults alike truly unique reads that can’t be found in traditional publishing today.

We have already created our Facebook page and we will be creating our Twitter and IG accounts soon, as well as our website.

Like Our Facebook Page Here

If you are a young adult horror or dark fiction author looking to be published with us, please email me at for more information!  We would LOVE to work with you.

Much love,




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