Box Review: The Music Box – May 2017

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As some of you may know, I love sending out playlists linked to the books that we send out in our subscription box, Literary Vacation Club.  But what I love even more is supporting indie artists.  That being said, I found THE PERFECT box to help you experience indie artists you might now have otherwise found.  This box is called The Music Box and it is possibly my new favorite experience of all time. Check out my review below!  This box is a great way to find new music to read or write to, which all of us bibliophiles need.

The Music Box is my must try box of the month!  You will not be disappointed.

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When you sign up for The Music Box, every month you will receive carefully selected music from the box’s Featured Artists.  A portion of the proceeds will be used to sponsor selected Featured Artists.


  • The Digital Envelope: E-mailed digital download of our exclusive compilation CD.
    • $3/month + shipping
  • The Envelope: Compilation CD w/ various artists and our most popular genres such as Pop Rock, Pop Punk, Alt/Indie, Rock, etc.
    • $5/month + shipping
  • The Box: 2+ CD’s and other goodies (Choose your own genre)
    • $12/month + shipping
  • The Bundle: The Box + our exclusive monthly compilation CD (Choose your own genre)
    • $15/month + shipping

*Shipping: FREE US Shipping, Worldwide shipping is calculated*

The Music Box comes in a small white box with the logo and social media links stamped on the top.  The box design is very indie and I just love it!

The contents of the box are set on a bed of blue paper shavings.  I love how the first thing that you see in the box is a sticker designed by the box!

Here is a closeup of the sticker and the business card included in the box.  I love that The Music Box supports small artists because I am all about that!  I am a huge indie music nerd, and this box basically speaks to my soul.

This sticker is for a band called “Parks Landing” and the design is gorgeous!  It is nice how The Music Box includes swag from multiple artists in their box.

The box comes with an insert card that gives you the names of the artists and albums included in the box.  It also includes a music fact and a quote by Pete Wentz, whom I LOVE.

This month subscribers also received a free digital album to download!  This artist is named Jerry Dale Harris and he even signed the card.  I love that personal touch.  The free record is called “Modus Operandi” and you can visit Jerry Dale Harris here.

The Music Box also included this fun keychain and I adore the quote and artwork on it.  Music IS life, and this box is all about that!


The first album included is Brave by Retro Youth!  I like how the CD has an image of the band on it as well.  It reminds me of vintage rock.  Retro Youth is a UK based alternative band, and they are really good.  I listened to the album in its entirety and I love it!  This is a great album choice by The Music Box.  My favorite song on the album is probably “F.I.N.E.”.  Visit them below and take a listen!

Visit Retro Youth here.

The second album included is called Until the End of Days by Nick Urb.  I love the artwork!  This album is on the pop side, but it is very lyrical.  I about sobbed my way through this album because it is so heartfelt and emotional.  Urb’s voice is mesmerizing and I could listen to him all day.  My favorite song off of this album by far is “Emily”.

Visit Nick Urb here.

The last album included is The Music Box’s mix.  This album compiles artists and songs from the most popular genres that the box sells, and it is great way to try out numerous new artists!  I love the mix of this album, and it made me want to check out the individual artists further.  My favorite song from this mix is probably  “Coming Home” by Rudderfish.

Visit The Music Box’s website to view featured artists here.

Final Thought: This box ROCKS, quite literally.  It is not only perfect for those who are crazy about music, but it is great for anyone looking for new bands and artists to listen to.  You can also choose your own genres for your box, which basically makes The Music Box a personal music shopper for you!  I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit sick of the mainstream pop that is always on the radio.  The passion of smaller artists is what draws me to them, and I love that The Music Box infuses this passion into everything that they do!  This box is not only worth the price because of the experience, but it is a great way to support small artists.  Grab your box now!  You will not be the same once you listen to these artists.

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