Author Interview with Angela J. Ford

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Today I am excited to share with you an interview I had with author Angela J. Ford!  Angela is the author of The Five Warriors as well as her newly released sequel, The Blended Ones.  Enjoy!



Phyllis and her 17 year old twin sister, Ilieus, are blended ones. But Ilieus suffers from visions of darkness she is unable to discern. Forsaken by their parents the two cross the country in search of the Order of the Wise for help.
Cuthan the Charmer is mischievous enough to change anyone’s mind with a smile and a wink. Born into a family of treasure hunters, he’s searching for the key to unlocking his dormant powers.
Pharengon the Horse Lord was born to be King. Young and inexperienced he seeks a weapon to turn the tide of the war in his favor. But when his very own army betrays him, he will have to turn to the Lost Ones for assistance.
Caught in the fate of the Eastern World the youths’ destinies become twisted together in a frightful quest that will change the course of time. In the midst of their whirlwind adventure, they discover love, loss, and uncover the truth about who and what is behind the chaotic, spiraling events in the Eastern World.



1) What is the first memory you have of writing?


When I was young I kept a daily journal, mainly ramblings of nonsense, but that’s what got me started with writing. From there I started writing short stories, believe it or not, my first short tales were all romances. Somehow I discovered fantasy and I haven’t looked back since.


2) Which authors inspire you, and why?


Growing up I was inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, and Brian Jacques. As I grew older I fell in love with the writing style of Patricia A. McKillip. She is an award-winning fantasy author and her flowery writing style is one I’ve adopted as well. Of course, I’m not on her level yet, but it’s what I strive for. Sarah Addison Allen is one of my favorite authors for the romance, the way she blends everyday life with magic is brilliant.

Some of my favorite books include:
The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia A. McKillip

Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


3) What is your favorite genre to read, and why?


Sci-fi and thrillers are my favorite genre to read. I love the fast past vibe of thriller and their creepy endings, and I’m just in awe of the brilliance behind science fiction. In school I was fascinated by physics but, must to my digression, I found out I’m not good at science. I believe these genres are my favorite because eventually I want to write a great thriller.



4) What is your favorite genre to write, and why?


I adore writing fantasy because there are no rules. No one can tell me my characters aren’t realistic, or my places don’t match the historical records. It’s all made up and I don’t have to adhere to the laws of nature or the universe!

5) What are you currently working on?


The Five Warriors and The Blended Ones setup the epic tale of Eliesmore. His story covers books three and four of The Four Worlds Series and unlike the previous two, is not a stand-alone book. Right now, I’m working on book three: Eliesmore and the Green Stone. A prophecy has been foretold about the coming of the One. He will take up the Jeweled Sword and dissolve the Green Stone. There’s just one small problem, he’s spent 19 years in obviation and has no desire to be the One.


Author Bio

Angela J. Ford was brought up as a bookworm and musician. She began writing The Four Worlds, a fantasy action, adventure series at the age of 12. The storyline of the books is largely based off of creative games she played with her sisters.


Originally finished when she was 16, after college, Angela began to re-write the Four Worlds Series, bringing it from a child’s daydream to an adventure young and old alike can enjoy.


Inspired by fairy tales, high magic, and epic fantasy, Angela knows you’ll enjoy your adventures within the Four Worlds. If you happen to be in Nashville, you’ll mostly likely find her at a local coffee shop, enjoying a white chocolate mocha and furiously working on her next book. Make sure you say hello!

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