Into The Fog Character Spotlight – Quarilite

Hello, Everyone!

This week’s Into The Fog character spotlight is Quarilite!  Quarilite is a very special character to me, because she lives between life and death, and she is not quite a human or an immortal.


Quarilite is a Reincarne – a being created from the corpse of a human who has been dead for over 100 years.  Her connection to death allows her to connect with ghosts and help them pass over.  Even though Quarilite is a Reincarne and she lives in the Reincarne village, she lives between life and death.  Quarilite finds it easier to connect to ghosts, and she spends more time with them than the other Reincarnes.


Gender: Female

Race: Reincarne – Xanicoy Clan

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Blonde and Curly

Weapon of Choice: Quarilite’s ability to create a potion for any situation.

Special Abilities: Quarilite can talk to ghosts, summon them, and help them cross over.


The re-release special edition of my novel, Into The Fog, is in the works and it will include a setting map, character glossary, fan art, bonus shorts, and a fully revised and expanded story!  Follow my blog to keep updated on its progress.


A murder, a choice, and an eternal destiny.

Welcome to the untold story of sixteenth century England.

Darielle couldn’t be happier and more in love with her fiancé, Prince Tarum, until the eve of their wedding announcement when Tarum is murdered. Following the tragedy, Darielle is thrown into a life filled with despair as strangers enter the Tower and change her way of life. However, she begins to find herself drawn to Harlisisle, the new guard for Queen Estelle. Something about him makes her feel as though she has known him before. This attraction ends up unraveling past events in her life that she had long forgotten, and she soon discovers the true circumstances surrounding Tarum’s murder. The truth makes her question the love that she once had for people that she thought she knew. ‘Into The Fog’ is a roller coaster ride of historical romance and fantasy elements that will keep you on the edge of your seat and asking only one question: ‘What if death isn’t an ending, but a beginning?

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