Compendium: A Horror Novelette by Roxie Prince

Title: Compendium: A Horror Novelette

Author: Roxie Prince

Rating: 4/5


Humanity has fallen victim to an apocalyptic condition in which the affected become bloodthirsty monsters out of the most terrible of nightmares. Different people, different situations, same hellish circumstances — what would you do?


Ah, how I love a horror novelette that portrays an eclectic cast of characters within the same horrific situation.  Roxie Prince has become one of my favorite authors due to her other novels, The Way We Go and Growth Spurt, but the beauty of Compendium is that it is so different when compared to her young adult novels.  Prince has a way of inventing characters that could be your next door neighbor, and they leap off of the page and under your skin.

Apocalyptic conditions are always a favorite in horror novels and movies, but Prince took this plotline to the next level in Compendium.  She turned humans into monsters, and she portrayed how each one of us is capable of turning to the dark side of life.  Prince’s characters were almost unbearably believable, and there were many times during this novelette where I had to put the book down.  However, I soon picked it back up again out of curiosity.

I am a strong believer that some of the best stories come in small packages, and this is what Compendium does.  Prince doesn’t add unnecessary filler to her novelette, and she uses her language like a paintbrush – no stroke out of place.  My only criticism is that this novelette could have benefitted from a deeper analysis for some of the characters, but it packed a punch all the same.

If you are looking for a quick, horrific read, then Compendium is your answer.  It brings life to the overused apocalyptic horror concept, and I hope that Prince decides to write more horror!  Her work brings something new to the literary horror genre, and I look forward to watching her grow.



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