Vault of the Macabre by Darren Field

Title: Vault of the Macabre

Author: Darren Field

Rating: 3/5


A collection of 37 Delightfully twisted Macabre/Gothic poems with a vein of black humor throughout.


Vault of the Macabre is a very eclectic horror poetry collection.  It is made up of different poems in many different styles, and each one of them revolves around a gothic or grotesque theme.  I found this collection to be a bit confusing because some of the poems would be written brilliantly, while others seemed to be quick scribbles that had been written just to fill the book.  Based on some of the longer poems such as The Luna Lunacy of Lawrence Longhorn and Trick or Treat, it is clear that Darren Field has great storytelling skills.  However, I do think that his poems come off as a bit childish.  I wish they had been edited more and didn’t rely only on rhyming to be considered poems.  Field clearly has good ideas for horror stories, and I hope that he will continue to work on his craft and venture into different poetic styles rather than just rhyming.

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