Box Review: Horror Block – February 2017

Horror Block is a sub-section of Nerd Block, and they exclusively send cult horror accessories that are more often than not exclusive to the box.  I love this subscription because they send out items that you can’t find anywhere else, and they do send out horror movies and novels a lot of the time.  The box itself is $19.99/month+shipping, but you can order multi-months at a time for a deeper discount.  They have 3 months at $17.99/month+shipping, 6 months at $16.99/month+shipping, and 12 months at $15.99/month+shipping.  They also do accept PayPal, and if you pay through PayPal, your plan will not auto-renew.  This is beneficial if you want to buy a multi-month plan, but not keep your subscription once the months are up.


Horror Block does not run on themes every month, so you generally receive a mix of items from different horror fandoms, and this allows for an even wider variety of fun horror swag!  My review is for the February 2017 box, and these boxes tend to ship after the 25th of each month.

Horror Block arrives in a fun cardboard box that is littered with horror block doodles, and the primary colors are red and black.  The box itself is a novelty item, and I love using them for storage on my bookcase!

Horror Block usually includes an item list on a card, but in this box, they included the item list in a zine that includes background on the Amityville Horror story, as well as a crossword and other fun reading material.

The Amityville Horror seemed to be a big theme in this month’s box, and the first item that I found was an Amityville Horror house pin.  I love how detailed this pin is, and it is exclusive to the box!  I always put these fun pins on my book bag, and I love having various pieces of horror along with me as I travel.

The next item is a thick, Amityville Horror tote bag.  It is exclusive to the box as well, and it is similar to the reusable shopping bags that are so popular nowadays.  I love the eerie sketch of the house on this bag, and I will definitely be using it to tote my stuff around!

Penny Dreadful is another horror show that showed up in this month’s box!  I love how detailed this scorpion necklace is, and it is an exclusive item from Showtime.

This month also included a DVD!  The movie included this month is Silent Retreat.  I have yet to see this movie, so I am very excited to watch it!  The synopsis is as follows:

Six members of a media company go on a weekend business retreat at an isolated lodge in the woods. When one of the members goes missing, one by one, they fall victim to the dark secrets buried at the lodge.

A book of horror poems was also a part of this box, and I was so excited to see it included!  I am a huge fan of horror literature, and these poems are promised to scare.  The book is called Vault of the Macabre by author Darren Field, and the book description is as follows:

A collection of 37 Delightfully twisted Macabre/Gothic poems with a vain of black humour throughout.

The last item included in this box is essentially a staple in every Horror Block.  It is the latest edition of Rue Morgue magazine, and I love how this magazine keeps me up to date on all things horror!

Overall, this box is probably one of my favorites that I have received from Horror Block.  It included both a book and a movie as well as numerous accessories, and you can’t beat the price!  If you are a huge horror buff like I am, I highly recommend Horror Block to keep you up to date on the horror world.




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