Cooking with Dice: The Acid Test by Jennifer Howlett

Title: Cooking with Dice: The Acid Test

Author: Jennifer Howlett

Rating: 5/5


In the first book in the Cooking with Dice series, you’ve been called upon to help a pair of acid dragons in their time of need. You find out that what they NEED is to show up their obnoxious friends and neighbors with a legendary party. ACID is the key here. You’ll be cooking up a range of dishes using chemistry, without touching the stove or oven. You might cheat and use that magic My-Crow-Wave box every so often. 

Try your hand at making quick-pickles, ceviche, home-made cheeses, freezer jams, fizzy candy and more! Using our ten variable formulas, you can create thousands of unique recipes and level up your Cooking with Dice characters. 


Cooking with Dice: The Acid Test is by far the most fun cookbook that I have come across.  Not only is it a cookbook, but the premise of it is that it is a role-playing game that involves cooking with acid.  I was overjoyed to be able to review this book because I am a big fan of Adventure Scents, which author Jennifer Howlett owns, and I was excited to see what her new cookbook was all about.  But as I began reading, I found that it was so much more than I expected.

Howlett has created a whole new world with her cookbook.  Included in the book are character profiles as well as a full story to wrap up all of the recipes and characters into.


All of the recipes are also designed around food science and the use of acid to cook, instead of heat.  Many of the acids used are different kinds of vinegar, and in the recipes, you have to roll a dice to determine what kinds of ingredients you will be using.  One of the recipes included in the book is a ceviche stuffed tomato, and it is absolutely delicious!  Below is a picture of the recipe from the Cooking with Dice Facebook page.


But one thing that I loved about this role-playing game is that you can choose to play it by yourself!  You do not need other players to complete the recipes and earn points, and this can help you to master your own cooking skills when cooking with acid.  The scenarios that are described in the game, along with the recipes, bring the game to life, and my boyfriend and I had the best time playing it.  I am so happy to have found an original RPG game to play that is also productive!  I can’t wait until this book comes out (hopefully more will show up in the series too!) and I will keep you all updated once the Kickstarter begins.  I am sure you are going to love this fun activity too!  I will be posting more about the different recipes and scenarios in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!



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